Administrative building in the center of Brno
20 offices  and  a restaurant on the first floor

History of the building

The building no. 12, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages,  is located on the Sauerkraut Market (Zelný trh) and is part of the "Little Log" Building Complex.

The house has been rebuilt several times. Ondřej Erna, the famous 17th century Brno architect gave it its approximate present appearance.

The Little Green Log (Zelený Špalíček) is a remarkable cultural monument in Brno.

Available office

Sauerkraut Market in Brno

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Sauerkraut Market (German Krautmarkt, colloquially called the cabbage pancake) is a square in the center of Brno.

The square is located in the hillside just below Petrov, about 400 meters south of the central náměstí Svobody, and has a rectangular shape. Most of the year the square is used as a farmers´ market. Otherwise the square serves as a parking lot for the area. 

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